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Nikola Tesla and His inventions

Inventions / June 22, 2021

One of the most prolific inventors of mankind was Nikola Tesla. Since his youth, the scientist has built invention which neither today can not be accepted in full by specialists. In this article, we chose to present one of the most mysterious and enigmatic inventions Tesla brand. It's about "first flying saucer" as he called when the illustrious inventor patented his invention.

This event happened early last century, almost 100 years ago when he founded Tesla and a tower that was supposed to deliver wireless power. UFO's Tesla is based on principles which we might call strange. He is nothing more than a type, that can not leave the atmosphere because it has no propulsion system of its own but is connected to the wireless tower that exudes energy.

Furthermore, the navigation system is extremely complex because it is composed of a capacitor conchoidal large enough that provide traction and other capacitors underlying direction to which were added other complex systems flight. Basically, it is a highly complex aircraft that could be built with technology held today. The only problem is that Tesla's UFO propulsion system has its own, which is why it still could not fly.

Also Philadelphia Experiment, otherwise known as Project Rainbow, has long been the subject of controversy and debate. Navy attempted to create a dish that was not detected by magnetic mines and / or radar. There were also debates about projects related to invisibility and mind control. The truth behind this project will never been known to the public. It represents just one of those incentives designs in our awareness of what we are on a spiritual level. Tesla came to the same conclusion as Einstein namely that if this technology will be developed, it not be used for the benefit of mankind.

Immediately after his death, all his inventions were seized by the CIA. The reason given was national security. The reason is downright incredible that must remind these inventions, if it were implemented, would have changed the face of our society forever. Certainly this change is not beneficial to world leaders that man still has control and freedom is only an illusion.

Source: www.disclose.tv