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Teslas free energy

Energy / August 26, 2020

Picture of Earth Battery Free Energy GeneratorThis is a very interesting video that shows a free energy generator built based on some of Nikola Tesla’s inventions and teachings. This overunity energy generator does not need any fuel to work and has the ability to harness the energy of the environment. In the video, the generator is buried underground and salt water is poured on top of it. The only part of the generator that is above the ground is the wire for connecting to electronic devices.

This movie I found on a torrent site about a year ago, I have no idea what they are saying, who they are, or when it was shot, but clearly it is a very interesting movie showing how this man gets energy from the earth to power light bulbs and other things! Look closely at his homemade rectifiers, spark gap, etc. Maybe a giant joule thief? Who knows? If anyone can translate for us, we would appreciate it a bunch. The file name was called free energy-geo. Thats all we know about it, thanks for watching! More info when it comes at: perpetual motion holder dot com.

Tariel Kapanadze – Generator De Energie Gratuita – 5KW [English Subtitle]

Update: For some fascinating information about free energy and the secrets of Nikola Tesla, visit this link. Thank you Philip for emailing me the link.

Source: energyfanatics.com